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In a bold, unexpected move, the Arcade Crew is publishing the sequel to the sleeper hit Windjammers on the Neo Geo console. Dotemu is developing this game slated for a release later this year for Switch and PC. Our hands on experience was very enjoyable.

More characters, ten up from six in the original and more stages planned for the full release. From the four playable characters, it looks like all the characters from the original will be returning with some new ones as well. Characters have noticeable differences in speed and power like in the original, but felt balanced overall in our play session. Gameplay was tight, with new power moves being added to the mix. We noticed a jumping mechanic that we’re not sure was present in the original. We weren’t able to effectively do much with it but we think with more time with the game, it’ll become a successful piece of our offensive arsenal. Controls felt smooth and responsive, with no visible lag. The visuals were bright and vibrant, fitting of the gameplay.

With online play and local 1v1 head-to-head action, we look forward to the flying power disc action of Windjammers 2 when it lands on PCs and Switch later this year. Check out the trailer and get hype below.

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