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Podcast Episode 378 – We Go Direct Crazy
Sony and Nintendo drop new showcases, the FTC blames Microsoft for devastating Xbox court document leak, and the latest iPhone lean in on AAA gaming. All that and more on episode 378 of Rated G.
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Podcast Episode 377 – Did the Switch 2 Just Leak?!
Switch 2 rumors are on the rise as the internet claims it’s been shown behind closed doors. Is it time? Does 7 years mark the end of the reign of the original Switch? Dan and Dave discuss. Also in the news, E3 as we know it may be dead, and GameStop’s CEO Ryan Cohen throws […]
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Podcast Episode 376 – Is it Worth the Price?
Sony gets a little greedy with their recent PlayStation Plus price increases. Dan and Dave get critical on this change and ponder whether people will bother paying for the service now. Also in the news, Nintendo goes deep on the new Super Mario Bros. Wonder in their latest direct and a new Atari 2600 console […]
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Podcast Saturday Morning Retro Episode 35 – Pocket Bike Racer (Xbox), Gunvalkyre (Xbox), Pursuit Force (PSP), G.I. Joe (NES)
On this month’s episode of Saturday Morning Retro, Dan and Dave talk about Pursuit Force for the PSP and G.I. Joe for the NES and in our Triple R segment Pocket Bike Racer and Gunvalkyre for the original Xbox.
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