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Podcast Saturday Morning Retro Episode 35 – Pocket Bike Racer (Xbox), Gunvalkyre (Xbox), Pursuit Force (PSP), G.I. Joe (NES)
On this month’s episode of Saturday Morning Retro, Dan and Dave talk about Pursuit Force for the PSP and G.I. Joe for the NES and in our Triple R segment Pocket Bike Racer and Gunvalkyre for the original Xbox.
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Podcast Episode 375 – One Ninety Nine
Sony finally drops it’s price and system specifics on their new handheld, the PlayStation Portal. The internet certainly had thoughts and so does Dan and Dave. Also in the news, Gamescom has come and gone and we get some announcements and gameplay trailers, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 gets a release date, and Charles Martinet, the voice of […]
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Podcast Episode 374 – Hayden Christensen DLC
The all digital future is here as Microsoft winds down the Xbox 360 store. Dan and Dave discuss what this means for the gaming space. Also in the news, Xbox rolls out a new enforcement strike system for unruly players, leaked photos of Lenovo’s new handheld appear online and Sega now officially owns Angry Birds. […]
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Podcast Episode 373 – Red Dead Damnation
This episode is spicy like a habanero pepper as Strauss Zelnick doubles down on the Red Dead Redemption port pricing, the Video Game History Foundation puts out a troubling report on classic video games and THQ Nordic puts out a showcase of upcoming games. All that and Dan and Dave’s takes on the Twisted Metal […]
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