About Us

Dan and Dave

Dave Rottino and Dan Robinson are Rated G for Gamers. A weekly podcast about all thing video games. We’re both retro collectors too who chronicle our pickup adventures. Started in 2015, Rated G for Gamers has consistently been something we’ve looked forward to. Every piece of news that drops. every announcement, game release; has us excited to hop on the mics and talk about it.

Dan Robinson

Dan is the co-Host of Rated G for Gamer Podcast. He's been a gamer since the NES was released back in the 1980’s. His favorite style of games are 2D action platformers and linear first-person shooters. He can’t stand turn base RPG’s and despises horror games. During the early and mid 2000’s he stepped away from gaming for a bit. However, towards the end of the PS3 & Xbox 360 generation, made triumphant return. Now he have a stronger love for gaming and an immense passion for retro game collecting. FYI, Super Mario World is the best game of all TIME!

Dave Rottino

Dave has been around games his whole life. His mother used to give him Atari game catalogs to keep him quiet as a baby, even before he could read. He grew up on Nintendo and Commodore 64 thanks to his brother. He loves Metroid, Tekken and Final Fantasy. Chiptunes, grunge and alt rock. And most of all, proving to Danny that Super Mario Bros. 3 is better than Super Mario World.