Cyber Shadow Preview

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Our highlight of the show for PAX East 2018 was the Messenger, a love letter to the old NES Ninja Gaiden action games. This year, we found a new gem in that same style called Cyber Shadow. A Yacht Club Games produced product, developed by the one man studio, Mechanical Head Studios, Aarne Hunziker put together a quite polished game that we got to demo. Continue reading “Cyber Shadow Preview”

PAX East 2019 Day 3

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And here are folks. The end of day 3 and me and Dan are beat. So much good stuff on display and we keep finding more that we missed! Throwback shooter and loveletter to Contra Blazing Chrome, Terry Cavanaugh’s delightful Dicey Dungeons, the Ninja Gaiden-esque Cyber Shadow produced by Yacht Club Games, the head snappin’, bone crackin’, spear tossing Mortal Kombat 11 and a ton more. So day 3 is down in the books. We got one final day of PAX. One last day to check out all the games that we couldn’t get to in the first three. Here! We! Go!

Episode 155 – Verizon Zero Dawn

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Episode 155

James Gunn gets reinstated as director of Guardians 3, a newly surfaced gray NWC cart sells for $23,000 and Hollow Knight gets a physical release all at the top of the show. In the news, Halo Master Chief Collection comes to PC finally in episodic form, Sony rumored to buy Take Two Interactive and everyone is getting into the streaming game. All on episode 155 of Rated G for Gamers.

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