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Wan Hazmer, Lead Game Designer on Final Fantasy XV and Daim Dziauddin, concept artist of Street Fighter V, founded their own studio and had a vision and that vision is No Straight Roads. A 3D action game in the vein of Devil May Cry and Nier: Automata where a rock/edm music motif takes center stage.

The main conceit of the game pits you in control as Mayday and Zuke, fighting as an indie rock band against an EDM empire. You can take control of both characters, using the shoulder buttons to switch between them. My playtime had me going through a small tutorial mission and then a boss battle against a large, hulking DJ. The action was tight and the move set was varied. The boss battle was a multi-staged event with specific attack patterns you need to avoid and then find the opening to go on the offensive. Overall the battle was a fun fight. There is also a base building/customization feature to this game as well but it wasn’t present for me to demo at this time.

The visual and audio style of No Straight Roads had very slick, hip feel. It felt very much like the Jet Set Radio series with it’s bright, colorful visuals and upbeat, bass heavy soundtrack and that is definitely a good thing. No Straights Roads is set to launch later this year on PC and PS4.

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