Episode 319 – Welcome to E3?

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Episode 319

Dan is back from vacation and boy did a lot happen in a week. Sony kicks off what would be known as E3 season and they come out swinging. Lots of good news unpack there and Dan and Dave break it all down. Also in the news, Tekken 7 tops the charts as the highest selling game in the series, Konami announces a new Frogger game and Sega announces a new mini console.

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Episode 309 – Haven Finds a Home

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Episode 309

At the top of the show, another sad week in celebrity news as we say goodbye to the drummer for the Foo Fighters, Taylor Hawkins. In brighter news, all of the Netflix Marvel shows are now on Disney Plus. Also in the news, PlayStation acquires Jade Raymond’s Haven Studios, the NFL is making an annual VR football game, a new Witcher game confirmed to be in development on Unreal Engine 5 and someone gets Doom to run on a text-based terminal. All that and Dave talks about Vampire Survivor in the Indie Game Spotlight.

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Episode 211 – Xbox Series X vs. PS5 Specs and Half-Life Alyx with Special Guest Derek Lieu

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Episode 211

Both Microsoft and Sony drop us some numbers on their next generation consoles. Rated G compares the numbers side by side and see how they stack up. Also, Microsoft gives some YouTubers some hands on time with the new console and we get to see some of the new features like ray tracing and automatic HDR support for current gen and older games! And in our last segment, we have a returning guest Derek Lieu on the show to talk about his recent move, what he’s been playing and his work on the Half-Life Alyx trailer.

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Episode 102 – Sweet Caroline

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We’re back after the plague hit us both hard. A ton of news happened during our recoveries. Nintendo drops a mini direct as well as a new S.T.E.M. style product line, Labo launching in a few months, Microsoft is bringing back the “Duke” controller to Xbox One and Fable is coming back with a new developer since Lionhead Studios has closed and Sony plans on 130 new VR titles for 2018, all in our news segment. All of that and our massive pickups from the last two weeks.

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Episode 84 – The Colonel Goes VR

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We had a glorious weekend folks. Dave connected with the outdoors on a camping trip, Danny got a free haul of games from a co-worker and McGregor got beat by Mayweather if you’re into that boxing stuff. Gamescom happened this week. Microsoft announced that One X preorders are live and they quickly sold out, cross network play between Xbox and Playstation may be coming, Just Cause devs announce a new action RPG game and KFC gets in on the whole VR thing and it’s amazing. Uncharted – Lost Legacy is our review round-up and our convo of the week is are games channels dying on Youtube. So enjoy episode 84 of Rated G for Gamers.

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Episode 51 – The Great Debate on Early Review Copies

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A little first person shooter talk with Titanfall 2 at the top of the show. We get into the big news about Bethesda new company policy of not sending out review copies early, Microsoft announces a $300 VR headset, and tons of Nintendo Switch, or NX as Danny stubbornly still calls it, news gets dropped. So check out Episode 51 of Rated G for Gamers.

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Episode 32 – The One With the Penny Arcade Expo

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PAX East 2016 has come and gone and we’re here to recap it all! VR, MOBAs, indie games, panels and more. Also, Nintendo’s got a new mobile game rumored to star one of their iconic characters and John Romero (Doom, Quake) kickstarts a new FPS. All that and Starfox in our Review Round-up on the Rated G for Gamers podcast.

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