Episode 336 – Dave’s Going to Jail

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Episode 336

Some sad news at the top of show, Batman voice actor Kevin Conroy has passed away. We remember arguably the best Batman from the Animated Series to the Rocksteady Arkham games. In the news, new Twitter boss Elon Musk is causing quite a mess with pay for verified accounts and the internet goes on a parody spree with fake accounts from Nintendo to Valve, EA cancels Project Cars and Dirt franchises and a new John Wick may be in the works. All that and our spirited takes on the new God of War Ragnarok.

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Episode 40 – The Toxic Culture of Online Gaming

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It’s a long episode this week, almost 3 hours of content. We have more Pok√©mon Go coverage including our experiences from the week with the mobile app. Nintendo drops a bomb with their NES Classic console and Warner Bros. and PewDiePie come under fire for paid sponsorship shenanigans. Our topic of the week comes hot off the outspoken users on Leslie Jones’ twitter account, online bullying. We go deep into why this culture exists and some possible solutions to start changing the culture. As always you can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+.

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