Episode 340 – Is the Videogame Adaptation Renaissance Here?

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Episode 340

On this weeks episode, Sony goes all in on videogame adaptations, Hideo Kojima is working on a Death Stranding movie and an extremely rare Michael Jackson game gets found at a flea market. All this and Dan and Dave look back at their Nintendo Switch gaming stats for the last year on episode 340 of Rated G.

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Episode 314 – Gotta Go Fast and Delist All the Old Games

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Episode 314

Sonic creator Yuji Naka goes off on Square-Enix, right before they sell off the studios behind Tomb Raider, Deus Ex and Thief. Embracer is in the process of buying them for 300 million. Also in the news, Xbox and Bethesda Games showcase announced for June, Sega will delist old Sonic games from digital stores and it’s leaked that Sony is working on a game preservation initiative. All that and more in episode 314.

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E3 2018 – Our Thoughts on the EA, Bethesda and Microsoft Conferences

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Day 1 and 2 of E3 2018 are in the books. Hot off the closing of the Bethesda conference, we cover the first two days announcements, trailers, gameplay footage and surprises. Join as we breakdown and rate each show.

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Episode 110 – Amazon Did a Boo-boo

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Rumors swirl that a new generation of consoles in on the horizon somewhat based off a patent Sony filed. We take our best stab at predicting what they will be in our convo of the week. In the news, Microsoft explains why their E3 booth space is so small and it makes a load of sense, Geralt from the Witcher is now confirmed for Soul Calibur VI, Funimation asks Nintendo “Will Goku be in the new Smash Bros.” and we discover that Amazon did a Boo-boo recently. All that and some Avengers – Infinity War trailer discussion on episode 110 of Rated G for Gamers.

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