Episode 101 – Lemme Upgrade You

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Rated G is back again with another episode for your listening pleasure. 2018 is off and running and we get right into it. First off, we have a new website! Everyone should go check it out… right now.  Okay, all set? We got some good pickups this week. Clearance items, last generation goodwill dropoffs, ebay bids won. We get into the games were playing this week. The Order 1886, Pokken Tournament and a little ol’ gem from the amazing Tim Shafer. Also, in the news, Twitter is getting antsy for Nintendo to drop a new Direct, the Switch sets sales records, SNK is rumored to be developing a new Switch game, MadCatz comes back from the dead and Microsoft buries the Kinect adapter. All that and in our convo of the week, we commiserate with bad gaming memories. So sit back, grab a pair of headphones and join us for episode 101 of Rated G for Gamers.

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Episode 72 – Technical Difficulties

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We were off for a week due to some technical difficulties but we’re back and bigger than ever. So much news these two weeks, we eschew a convo of the week. Nintendo announces a 2DS XL, new details on Call of Duty WWII get released, Atlus apologizes for the Persona 5 restrictions, Scorpio dev kits pictured with frame rate counter on the front, Darksiders 3 announced, the NES Classic shipped over 2.3 million units, and Phil Spencer has some words about story driven gameplay. All that and Dave finally gets a copy of the Order 1886 in his collection on episode 72 or Rated G for Gamers.

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