Episode 331 – R.I.P. Stadia

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Episode 331

On this episode, Google Stadia is finally closing it’s doors in early 2023 and Dan and Dave are not surprised. Also in the news, a big GTA VI leak from a hacker, EA announces a new Iron Man game and all the stuff from TGS 2022. All that and Dan gives you October’s game releases on episode 331.

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Episode 298 – Halo Infinite and the Game Awards with Special Guest Joe Chagan

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Episode 298

Oh we got a good one today folks! Joe Chagan returns to the show to talk all things Halo. Dan, Dave and Joe discuss the good and the bad parts of the new open world Halo, multiplayer and which entry in the series is the best. Also, the Game Awards happened last Thursday and we got the winners and all the new announcements all on episode 298 of Rated G for Gamers.

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Episode 248 – And the Winner Goes to…

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Episode 249

We got a big show this week. At the top of the show, they discuss all the games they’ve been playing including Cold War and Cyberpunk 2077. Dan and Dave break down the Game Awards. All the winners, losers, trailers and performances and appearances. And Dan goes a bit ham on all the new Marvel announcements on episode 248 of Rated G.

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Episode 247 – Six Hundred and Fifty Dollars

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Episode 247

Big news as scalpers get their come-uppance. Thouands of console orders get canceled, that’s one good thing to happen this year. In the news, Oscar Isaac is penned to play Solid Snake, Kratos is coming to Fortnite and the Penny Arcade Expo releases tentative convention dates. All that and Dan makes a passioned plea to get a PS5 on episode 247 of Rated G for Gamers.

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Episode 237 – The Games Journalism and Media Industry with Special Guest Lily Zaldivar

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Episode 237

On this week’s episode, we have on special guest Lily Zaldivar to talk about her time with Viz Media, IGN, and Nintendo Voice Chat. In the news, Microsoft buys Bethesda, the Tokyo Games Show kicks off and Amazon unveils it’s new gaming service. All that and more on episode 237 of Rated G.

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Episode 197 – The Xbox Series X and the Game Awards with Special Guest Matthew Adler

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Episode 197

The end of the year is almost here we’re still getting some juicy news. Both Sony and Nintendo dropped their own directs with a bunch of new announcements. In the second half of the show returning guest Matthew Adler joins the show to discuss the Game Awards, the winners and losers, the trailers and surprises. Also, we get into a discussion about remakes and if they deserve nominations for year end awards. All that and more on episode 197 Rated G for Gamers.

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Episode 196 – Where is the N64 Mini?

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Episode 196

On this episode of Rated G, the state of Xbox Scarlett generates conflicting reports and theories, reports of two next gen Xboxes one with a disc drive and one without, Resident Evil 3 leaked by Sony,  and the Atari VCS delayed again for Indiegogo backers. All this and why Dan things the N64 mini is not in the future for Nintendo.

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Episode 195 – Phil “Nobody’s Asking for VR” Spencer

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Episode 195

We got some hot Thanksgiving vacation talk at the top of show. In the news, Phil Spencer declares that no one is asking for VR in a controversial statement made at XO19, a new PS5 patent hints at possible sharing tech with their next generation content, Facebook buys Beat Saber devs and Nintendo is rumored to have no less than 3 Metroid games in the works. All this and more on episode 195 of Rated G for Gamers.

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Episode 143 – And the Award for Game of the Year Goes to…

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On this special episode of Rated G… both the Game Awards and the Kinda Funny Games Showcase happened last week. Rated G breaks down the highs and the lows, the winners and losers and all the game announcements. Hint: Get super hype for MK11!

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Episode 142 – The Game Awards, Lootboxes and the Downfall of Gamestop

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The Game Awards promises some big announcements this Thursday. We get hype for what’s coming. GameStop is in more financial trouble amid huge reported losses and lootbox controversary comes to the American government. Also, the duo rundown some epic pickups this week and discuss Dan’s theory of a Marvel TV universe on the Disney streaming network.

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