Episode 296 – 343 Studios Falls from Grace

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Episode 296

Halo Infinite’s multiplayer progression comes under fire by fans for egregious practices, the Golden Joystick 2021 winners announced,  Cyberpunk 2077 players are flooding the game’s steam page with positive reviews and the new Bioshock may feature two cities, one above, one below. All that and Dan and Dave’s thanksgiving weekend on episode 296.

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Episode 245 – The Great Thanksgiving Dinner Face-Off

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Episode 245

In our last episode before Thanksgiving, Dan and Dave waste no time getting into it and compare dinner at the Rottino and Robinson households. Talk guaranteed to make you hungry. In the gaming news, the Game Awards nominees get released, Sony hints at competitor to Xbox Game Pass and Capcom is victim of an internal leak. All that and Dave puts up his Christmas tree early and critics be damned on episode 245 of Rated G!

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Episode 195 – Phil “Nobody’s Asking for VR” Spencer

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Episode 195

We got some hot Thanksgiving vacation talk at the top of show. In the news, Phil Spencer declares that no one is asking for VR in a controversial statement made at XO19, a new PS5 patent hints at possible sharing tech with their next generation content, Facebook buys Beat Saber devs and Nintendo is rumored to have no less than 3 Metroid games in the works. All this and more on episode 195 of Rated G for Gamers.

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Episode 141 – Yet Another Game Award Show

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Rated G is back from vacation and feeling good. Lots of Thanksgiving leftovers, quality game time and Black Friday pickups. In the news the duo talk about yet another game award show that popped up seemingly out of nowhere, Billy Mitchell and his new Donkey Kong record and Cliffy B swears off game development. All this and more on episode 141 of Rated G for Gamers.

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Episode 138 – The Final Smash

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The final Nintendo direct centered around the new Smash Bros Ultimate has dropped. No more news until the game releases Nintendo says. We get deep into all the new modes, characters and planned DLC. Also in the news, Sony reveals the full lineup for the PlayStation Classic, Goku gets his own float in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade and Black Friday deals start to drop. Castlevania season 2, the Witcher series news and a possible new Bad Boys movie in the works.

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Episode 95 – Talking Turkey and 4K TVs

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We got a special episode to celebrate the Thanksgiving break. No news this week, no convo of the week. Just us, talking turkey, Black Friday, tv mounting, and handling the family during the holidays. So grab a turkey leg and some stuffing and enjoy episode 95 of Rated G for Gamers.

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Episode 55 – We Predict The VGAs 2016

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We put on our amazing Karnak hats (that’s for all you Johnny Carson fans) and look into our crystal balls to predict some of the VGA nominees this year.¬†Throw some guesses out, we’ll circle back and see how we did next week. Also, in the news Uncharted 4 gets a survival mode dropping soon, Ubisoft to stop charging for certain DLC, and No Man’s Sky finally gets an update that everyone is waiting for. All that and some turkey talk at the top of the show. So break out those leftovers, pour on some gravy, and enjoy the latest episode of Rated G for Gamers.

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