Saturday Morning Retro Episode 5 – Super Mario Sunshine (Gamecube), Archon (C64), The Legend of Zelda (NES), Kid Icarus (NES)

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On episode 5 or Saturday Morning Retro, Dave talks about Kid Icarus for the NES, Dan finally plays the original Legend of Zelda and Archon and Super Mario Sunshine are up for discussion in the Remake, Remaster, Recycle segment.

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Episode 181 – Pun-set Overdrive

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At the top of the show, Dan and Dave reminisce over 4 years of Rated G. Sony news heats up as it adds developer Insomniac Games into the fold. Is a new Sunset Overdrive on the horizon??? The Intellivision Amico wants to bring back gaming back to the living room, $100K stolen rare games from retro store, and several Game Informer staff laid off to reduce costs For GameStop. Spiderman falls out of the MCU when Sony and Disney can’t strike a deal and Disney reveals streaming specs and new shows coming to Disney+. Finally, Dan goes all conspiracy theory over a tweet from Nintendo. 

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