Episode 281 – …And E3 2021 Finally Comes to a Close

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Episode 281

EA finally comes to the party and has it’s EA Play 2021 which to us signals the end of the E3 2021 season. Did they show anything good? Did Madden 22 steal the show? Also in the news, Ed Boon talks Mortal Kombat vs. Street Fighter crossover, Tencent acquires  Sackboy developer Sumo Digital and a mint condition NES collection fetches 30k at Goodwill auction. All that and more on episode 281.

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Episode 278 – The Dead Space Revival?

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Episode 278

EA makes the news this week with rumors of a Dead Space revival and they try and revamp their loot box mechanics in FIFA 21 FUT mode. Have they learned their lessons and made things fair and transparent? Listen to find out all the dizzying details. Also in the news, Katsuhiro Harada says Tekken X Street Fighter isn’t cancelled, Konami reveals a new game and Dan and Dave go over their game of the half year.

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Saturday Morning Retro Episode 11 – Street Fighter: The Movie: The Game (PS1), Metroid (NES)

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Episode 11

On this month’s episode of Saturday Morning Retro, Dan and Dave talk about Street Fighter: The Movie: The Game for the PS1 and Metroid for the NES. Big thanks to Retro Ghetto on YouTube for the topic of discussion this month.

Retro Ghetto channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiWRHmyOtMUjuTLw6UzYh_A

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