Episode 174 – Video Game Trailers with Special Guest Derek Lieu

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Episode 174

We’ve got a special episode today folks. Friend Derek Lieu is our guest on the show. He’s a video game trailer creator who’s worked on some of our favorite games and probably yours too. Dan and Dave get into the business of making a quality game trailer, how he got started and his thoughts on this years E3. Also, in the news, Youtuber Desmond ‘Etika’ Amofah found dead off the coast of Manhattan, President Trump proposes tariffs that would affect the price of video game hardware and accessories and we now get confirmation that games will cost full price on the Stadia platform.

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Episode 83 – Gotta Go Fast with Special Guest Anthony Micari

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We got a good one today! You may of heard of the eBay sale of John Romero’s personal copy of Doom II, well that went to our good friend Anthony Micari. We talk Doom, FPSes, and which game is better, SMB3 or SMW. In the news, Amazon amends their Prime 20% game discount. a soceer player sues League of Legends developer Riot Games and wins, and Crackdown 3 gets delayed till Spring 2018. Also, Dave hits the Nintendo Summer of Play event in Brooklyn, Danny sees the Mets win, and more.

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Episode 11 – Zheng Zhou Attacks from the North

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This week we devote our episode to the big N, Nintendo. The latest Nintendo Direct . Hyrule Warriors for DS featuring a female Link, Twilight Princess goes HD, Star Fox gets a new release window, and Cloud Strife is announced for Smash! CLOUD!!! Also, we debate which Mario Bros game is superior, SMB 3 or┬áSMB World. Hint, it’s SMB 3.

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