Episode 160 – An EA Produced Game with No Multiplayer and Microtransactions?!

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Episode 160

In the news, a new Star Wars game, the Fallen Order is announced from Star Wars Celebration in Chicago, Dragon Age 4, a wholly single player game is reported to have microtransactions, PubG gets banned in Nepal and finally, finally you can change your PSN username… but we wouldn’t recommend it. Also, we’ve get a Star Wars Episode IX trailer, Jim Carrey comments on the Sonic movie and we get news of the Disney Plus streaming network. All this and more on episode 160 of Rated G for Gamers.

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Episode 153 – The Switch Tax

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Episode 153 -The Switch Tax

Dan’s got some issues with the upcoming Resident Evil Origins collection for the Nintendo Switch. The Switch Tax is real folks and the duo discusses. In the news, Nintendo announces Pokémon Sword and Shield for the Switch, Gearbox Studios was almost pegged to develop Halo 4, Overkill’s The Walking Dead gets cancelled for consoles and Cyberpunk 2077 gets confirmed for E3 this year. All this and Dave’s scary tales from the dentist on episode 153 of Rated G for Gamers.

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Episode 151 – The Chocolate in the Peanut Butter

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Dan and Dave are back at it again. At the top of the show, Marvel, Nickelodeon’s Are You Afraid of the Dark, Nintendo Online’s classic game offerings and how did the term MetroidVania get coined? In the news, Apex Legends drops out of the blue from Respawn Entertainment, they state Titanfall is NOT in the works, Nintendo drops huge news in their latest direct and a very special copy of Super Mario Bros. fetches over $100 grand at auction. All this and more on episode 151 of Rated G for Gamers.

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Episode 90 – You Can Grind or Not Grind

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Hints drop via a tweet that a patent related to Gameboy has been filed. Of course we speculate on what games would potentially be on it in our convo of the week. In the news, the 3rd Nintendo World Championships just happened, Respwan Entertainment announced a new VR game that’s not Titanfall or Star Wars related, Mario Odyssey gets it’s first scrore and it’s a perfect 10 and news drops that Yoshi was originally intended to be a horse. All that and more on Episode 90 of Rated G.

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Episode 45 – PC vs. Console Showdown w/ Special Guest Steven Li

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In a special Rated G episode, we start the show with some remembrance on 9/11. We get into what were doing on that infamous day. On the gaming side, we go deep into the Sony conference and Nintendo drops some big news at the Apple conference.

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Episode 34 – Danny Mixes up the Superhero Universes

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Rated G is back and fired up! We go deep into the Marvel Universe with our thoughts on Captain America – Civil War. Also, why studios are so afraid to make female fronted superhero movies. In the news is a Call of Duty 4 remake, Mighty No. 9 finally goes gold, Titanfall developer Respawn is making a Star Wars game, and more. Enjoy and please like, listen, and subscribe.

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