Episode 319 – Welcome to E3?

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Episode 319

Dan is back from vacation and boy did a lot happen in a week. Sony kicks off what would be known as E3 season and they come out swinging. Lots of good news unpack there and Dan and Dave break it all down. Also in the news, Tekken 7 tops the charts as the highest selling game in the series, Konami announces a new Frogger game and Sega announces a new mini console.

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Episode 254 – Capcom Presents – Ethan Winters Walks into a Castle

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Let’s not bury the lead, Dan secured a PS5. Dave gets the Mario Kart Home Circuit and they go over the upcoming releases for February all at the top of the show. In the news, Capcom holds it’s Resident Evil showcase with Village gameplay, Microsoft reverses it’s decision to double the price of Xbox Live and former EA and Xbox exec Peter Moore joins the Unity team. All that and GameStop is burning up the stock charts on episode 254 of Rated G for Gamers.

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Episode 215 – Remakes, Remasters and Press Conferences

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Episode 215

At the top of the show, some said news last week. Voice actors from Resident Evil and Star Fox franchises pass. Also, Microsoft is possibly planning 2 events to display the Series X games and system and get fans hype, a Crysis remaster announced and Resident Evil 4 may get yet another remake for current or next gen consoles. All that and Dave completes more games in his collection.

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