Episode 193 – Kojima Claps Back

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Episode 193

With Death Stranding hitting wildly all over the review scales, Kojima speaks out against American’s love of First Person Shooters. The internet, of course, has opinions and Rated G gives their take on the whole situation. Also in the news, XO19 happened, Google Stadia is poised for a rocky launch and Polygon drops a most bananas top 100 list. All this and more on episode 193 of Rated G for Gamers.

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Episode 61 – Renovation Station

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We’ve upgraded our studio! Spent some time before this episode making some improvements and are excited to bring this episode to all our fans. In this episode, more Switch news. Confirmed more games for launch, possible native chat support coming, and a very odd yet funny German Switch commercial that knows exactly were people will play their portable console at least once. Also, Marvel announces an MCU for gaming, Xbox One is losing the snap feature at least for now, and Hideo Kojima talks fondly of his time with Konami. So enjoy this latest episode of Rated G.

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