Episode 193 – Kojima Claps Back

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Episode 193

With Death Stranding hitting wildly all over the review scales, Kojima speaks out against American’s love of First Person Shooters. The internet, of course, has opinions and Rated G gives their take on the whole situation. Also in the news, XO19 happened, Google Stadia is poised for a rocky launch and Polygon drops a most bananas top 100 list. All this and more on episode 193 of Rated G for Gamers.

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Episode 132 – Hi! I’m Batman.

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We get right into it this week folks. Dan and Dave kick off the show with pickups and games they are currently playing. We got news that Henry Cavill is out as Superman, Ben Affleck may be out as Batman, Jon Hamm may be in but we can all agree that Clooney was the worst caped crusader. In the news, Nintendo finally does their direct, we get into all of it. Also, popular streamer Dr. Disrespect is the victim of a drive-by, SNK announces new Samurai Showdown game and Polygon says they’re getting rid of review scores.

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Episode 41 – The Wacky World of Nintendo

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We start off our show with our weekend filled with retro pick-ups. Then we have a story related to last week’s show, online bullying. Polygon reached out to 25 developers about their online abuse policies for their employees, we discuss. Also in the news, more rumors pointing to Nintendo’s new NX console being portable with a home dock, 8BitDo makes a bluetooth receiver for Super Nintendo which allows tons of controllers to be used with it, and No Man’s Sky developer Hello Games gets accused of stealing a Dutch developers “Superformula” code to build the game worlds.

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