Episode 138 – The Final Smash

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The final Nintendo direct centered around the new Smash Bros Ultimate has dropped. No more news until the game releases Nintendo says. We get deep into all the new modes, characters and planned DLC. Also in the news, Sony reveals the full lineup for the PlayStation Classic, Goku gets his own float in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade and Black Friday deals start to drop. Castlevania season 2, the Witcher series news and a possible new Bad Boys movie in the works.

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Episode 133 – Hier Kommt die Playstation Classic

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This it folks. The last episode before Dave heads of to Germany. Thbey discuss what he’s gonna take with him and if he’s gonna hit some overseas gaming shops. You better believe he is. The duo also discuss the new Captain Marvel trailer and yeah everyone is pretty hype for it. Playstation is in the news. Not to be outdone by Nintendo, Sony announces the Playstation Classic. 20 games with 5 announced so far. Also in the news, Capcom Vancouver and Telltale Games are closing their doors and the Vita finally ends production in 2019. In our convo of the week, we try and fill in the other 15 games for the Playstation Classic. Some come join us on episode 133 of Rated G for Gamers.

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