Episode 331 – R.I.P. Stadia

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Episode 331

On this episode, Google Stadia is finally closing it’s doors in early 2023 and Dan and Dave are not surprised. Also in the news, a big GTA VI leak from a hacker, EA announces a new Iron Man game and all the stuff from TGS 2022. All that and Dan gives you October’s game releases on episode 331.

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Episode 330 – It’s Not Just a Mirage

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Would you think Dan and Dave would ever speak about Billy Mitchell and the hippocratic oath on this podcast? Well it definitely happened in a wild story this week. Also in the news, Ubisoft Forward 2022, the Disney and Marvel games showcase 2022 and Halo co-creater Marcus Letho moves to the competition to work on the Battlefield series. All that and more on episode 330.

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Episode 329 – Dan Invented the iPhone

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Episode 329

A new Assassin’s Creed game is leaked and Ubisoft officially acknowledges it. Tencent and Sony acquire more shares of FromSoftware, Facebook is shutting down their streaming platform and a new TMNT game is in the works. All that and we find out that Dan actually invented the iPhone on episode 329.

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Episode 327 – Real Talk About Batman’s Nipples

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Episode 327

At the top of the show, Ben Affleck is set to return as Batman which sparks a serious debate about Batman and his form fitting suits. In the news, the Meta Quest 2 VR gets a surprising price hike, Google reaffirms that Stadia is not going anywhere and EA is reportedly working on an open world Black Panther game. All that and more on episode 327 of Rated G.

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Episode 326 – Nintendo Does What Nintendo Wants

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Episode 326

We got some hot news this week. Nintendo announces closing date for Wii U and 3DS eShops, Ubisoft delays its Avatar game and Doom Eternal on Switch is getting a limited edition physical release from Limited Run Games. And because August is right around the corner, the notable games coming out next month all on episode 326.

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Episode 325 – You Can’t Have Your Cake and Eat it Too Publishers

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At the top of the show, Dan and Dave discuss the new Resident Evil show on Netflix, Only Murders in the Building, and why Dan would pack up and leave if he lived in the Arconia. In the news, Nintendo finally drops the Bayonetta 3 release date, Sony introduces new loyalty program and Dave has some words for Ubisoft as it continues it’s game delisting march with Assassin’s Creed being taken off Steam this fall. All that and more on episode 325.

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Episode 318 – How to Hustle with Special Guest Patrick Hickey Jr.

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Episode 318

On the show this week, special guest Patrick Hickey Jr. Author of The Minds Behind the Games series and the Condrey comic series, voice actor for the upcoming Wrestlequest and Championship Boxing Manager II games and so much more. Dan and Dave get into all of that and more. In the news, Summer Game Fest, Sony’s next State of Play and Microsoft could of had the Spiderman series on episode 318 of Rated G.

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Episode 308 – Harry from the Hood

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Episode 308

At the top of the show, Dan and Dave say goodbye to wrestling legend Scott Hall, they welcome back Tom Brady to football and talk about the worsening state of Gran Turismo 7 gameplay grind. In the news, the Xbox Indie Showcase and Sony’s second State of Play drop, Nintendo’s Online Expansion Pack gets better, EA cancels it’s summer Play showcase and Xbox outsells Playstation. All this and more on episode 308 of Rated G.

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Episode 303 – Sony Buys Bungie

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Episode 303

Dan and Dave took a bit of a hiatus they’re back with all the news of the past few weeks. Sony makes a move on Bungie and it’s now a part of the PlayStation family. What does this mean for Destiny and future projects? Also in the news, Nintendo has a killer Direct showcase and it’s great for all the RPG fans out there, The Wolf Among Us 2 gets revealed and reportedly the Days Gone director had some ideas for an Uncharted prequel starring Sully all on episode 303.

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Episode 287 – The Games Grading Scandal

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Episode 287

Accusations of foul play surface around record-breaking graded game auctions between Wata Games and Heritage Auction House. YouTuber, Karl Jobst broke the alleged scandal recently and even more news has come to light. Dan and Dave break all the details down and what this means for game collectors everywhere. Also in the news, Sony has a PlayStation showcase coming up, THQ Nordic announces 10th anniversary showcase and you can get a free teeth cleaning if you beat this Dentist at Smash Bros.

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