Episode 86 – Nintendo is Back!

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Our episode is jam packed this week with not one but two convos of the week. Pewdiepie is in hot water for dropping the N word in a Playerunknowns Battleground live stream and we discuss the ramifications of that. Also, Dean Takahaski from VentureBeat uploads an embarrassing video of him struggling with the beginning tutorial of Cuphead and the internet explodes. We discuss if being good at videogames is a requirement. In the news, Nintendo exec comments on the SNES Classic availability, the NES Classic is coming back to stores, Blizzard to open it’s own eSports arena, Toys ‘R Us files for bankruptcy, and Mario is no longer a plumber according to Nintendo. All that and more on episode 86 of Rated G for Gamers.

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Episode 40 – The Toxic Culture of Online Gaming

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It’s a long episode this week, almost 3 hours of content. We have more Pokémon Go coverage including our experiences from the week with the mobile app. Nintendo drops a bomb with their NES Classic console and Warner Bros. and PewDiePie come under fire for paid sponsorship shenanigans. Our topic of the week comes hot off the outspoken users on Leslie Jones’ twitter account, online bullying. We go deep into why this culture exists and some possible solutions to start changing the culture. As always you can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+.

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