Episode 216 – Reggie to the Rescue

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Episode 216

We’re getting dangerously close to what would be E3 time and the rumors keep swirling. Sony is rumored to reveal more on the PS5 come may, Metroid Prime Trilogy remake gets leaked and Google Stadia plans to have a presentation as this episode drops. All that and Reggie swoops in to fix Gamestop and get them back on track.

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Episode 85 – The Rated G Two Year Anniversary Show

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We’ve done it folks! We’ve made it two whole years in the podcasting game. We go over our highlights of the Nintendo Indie Showcase, the “Ninties”, some Penny Arcade Expo news, news on NBA 2K18 for the Switch, and Gamestop unveils it’s “Elite Gamer” level subscription. In our convo of the week, we reminisce on how we started this whole thing. It’s been a blast so far thanks in part to all our great fans. Here’s to the next two. 

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