Episode 155 – Verizon Zero Dawn

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Episode 155

James Gunn gets reinstated as director of Guardians 3, a newly surfaced gray NWC cart sells for $23,000 and Hollow Knight gets a physical release all at the top of the show. In the news, Halo Master Chief Collection comes to PC finally in episodic form, Sony rumored to buy Take Two Interactive and everyone is getting into the streaming game. All on episode 155 of Rated G for Gamers.

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Episode 90 – You Can Grind or Not Grind

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Hints drop via a tweet that a patent related to Gameboy has been filed. Of course we speculate on what games would potentially be on it in our convo of the week. In the news, the 3rd Nintendo World Championships just happened, Respwan Entertainment announced a new VR game that’s not Titanfall or Star Wars related, Mario Odyssey gets it’s first scrore and it’s a perfect 10 and news drops that Yoshi was originally intended to be a horse. All that and more on Episode 90 of Rated G.

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Episode 82 – Knobs? They’re Called Paddles!

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Oh, Limited Run Games, we both love and hate your company. We put them up in the spotlight for this week’s convo of the week. We have lots of news from Nintendo; the Nintendo World Championship is coming back again and being held in our fair NYC, new limited edition Samus 3DS coming soon, and Nintendo gets sued over a Joy-Con patent. X-Box and Playstation get OS updates, Valve has a new game coming and it’s not Half-Life 3, and eSports may be coming to the 2024 Olympics. Also, we talk about our weekend events and Danny sores a Atari 2600 Junior with a set of knobs.

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