Episode 142 – The Game Awards, Lootboxes and the Downfall of Gamestop

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The Game Awards promises some big announcements this Thursday. We get hype for what’s coming. GameStop is in more financial trouble amid huge reported losses and lootbox controversary comes to the American government. Also, the duo rundown some epic pickups this week and discuss Dan’s theory of a Marvel TV universe on the Disney streaming network.

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Episode 42 – Dr. Love is in the House

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This week in Rated G news: Life is Strange is being adapted into live action show, Pokemon Go Plus devices receive delays, Nintendo announces a “Now Your Playing With Power” book about the NES, and a main with so much disposable income blows $1,300 to play No Man’s Sky a little earlier than everyone else. All that a special message from the Love Doctor on this week’s Rated G for Gamers. We’d like to thank http://www.bensound.com/ for providing us with the music in this weeks show.

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