Episode 240 – Your Controller is Telling You to Swap Out Kevin Durant

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Episode 240

Sony finally drops a presentation of the PS5 UI and it looks… good! Dan and Dave discuss all the cool new features. Also in the news, NBA 2K21 tries to heighten the immersion with haptic feedback, Microsoft’s the Initiative hires two former Naughty Dog staff members and GameStop will reportedly get a cut of Xbox games, even if you’re not buying them from GameStop.

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Episode 166 – An Unlikely Alliance

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Episode 166

We learn this week that Microsoft and Sony are joining forces. Not to build a super massive game console but the tools for an online streaming infrastructure based on Microsoft’s cloud technology. Rated G gets into what all this means. Also in the news, Nintendo drops a massive direct on Mario Maker 2, we get more games confirmed for the Genesis Mini and ex-Naughty Dog devs are working on the next Call of Duty games. All that and Dan gets into some exciting wrestling news on episode 166 Rated G for Gamers.

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