Episode 320 – Dan Throws Shade at Microsoft

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Episode 320

E3 may have been cancelled this year but we still got all the presentations and showcases that we could ask for. Xbox and Bethesda, Limited Run, Capcom, Devolver Digital and Geoff Keighley’s Summer Game Fest. We go over all the news and announcements. All that and Dan gets a little salty over Microsoft’s mediocre showing.

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Episode 273 – The E3 2021 Predictions Show

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Episode 273

E3 is back baby and Dan and Dave can’t wait for the big show. They do their annual predictions and boy are there some good picks. Listen as they break down what they think is gonna go down and what they’re most looking forward to.

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Episode 269 – Wal-Mart Throws It’s Hat in the Streaming Ring

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Episode 269

Limited Run Games is partnering with Xbox, Sony registers trademark for Sunset Overdrive and a leak from the Apple vs. Discord legal battle shows Walmart is entering the video game streaming business. All that and Dan signs the Days Gone 2 petition on episode 269 of Rated G.

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Episode 252 – Lootboxes – The Baseball Cards of Video Games

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At the top of the show, Dan and Dave get Hype for Scott Pilgrim and wax fondly on the latest season of Cobra Kai. In the news, Peter Moore former head of Xbox and EA had some words to say regarding lootboxes, the Switch surpasses the 3DS in sales and Sony discontinues PS4 Pro in Japan. All that and we pay respects to Tetris Champion Jonas Neubauer on episode 252 of Rated G for Gamers.

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Episode 172 – If You Replace All The Parts of a Mega Man Cart is it Still the Same Cart?

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It’s the first episode since E3 has ended so it’s time for Dan and Dave to look back at all the conferences, all the announcements and give our thoughts on what they loved and what they hated. Also, the votes are in and we have a prediction winner. It was a close one just like every year but only one can take home the championship belt. Listen in to see who takes it. In the news, we get pricing and specs on the Atari VCS, Konami throws it’s hat in the ring of the mini console game and Nintendo explains why they chose to delay the new Animal Crossing. All that and Dan and Dave wax philosophical on game cart preservation.

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Episode 91 – Can You Smell What the Pikaaaaaacchu is Cooking?!

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Episode 91 is a good one this week. Both Nintendo and Microsoft dropped big system updates for the Xbox and Switch, we delve into all the new features. Also in the news, EA closes Visceral Games and postpones Amy Hennig’s story focused Star Wars game, Limited Run Games to produce games for the Switch and Legendary Pictures has some interesting people they are eyeing for the Detective Pikachu movie. South Park – The Fractured But Whole is our Review Round-up and we do a buying guide for our convo of the week.

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