Episode 326 – Nintendo Does What Nintendo Wants

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Episode 326

We got some hot news this week. Nintendo announces closing date for Wii U and 3DS eShops, Ubisoft delays its Avatar game and Doom Eternal on Switch is getting a limited edition physical release from Limited Run Games. And because August is right around the corner, the notable games coming out next month all on episode 326.

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Episode 319 – Welcome to E3?

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Episode 319

Dan is back from vacation and boy did a lot happen in a week. Sony kicks off what would be known as E3 season and they come out swinging. Lots of good news unpack there and Dan and Dave break it all down. Also in the news, Tekken 7 tops the charts as the highest selling game in the series, Konami announces a new Frogger game and Sega announces a new mini console.

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Episode 307 – So You Wanna Ride a Porsche 919 Hybrid 16?

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Episode 307

At the top of the show, Dan saw The Batman, the EVO 2022 lineup and Dave talks about Gran Turismo and some shady business practices. In the news, PlayStation’s February state of Play, E3 may actually be happening this year and Super Nintendo World in California is opening next year. All that and more on episode 307.

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Episode 306 – There’s a New Gaming Service in Town

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Episode 306

On episode 306, Dan and Dave get a little political with all the gaming companies banning sales and services in Russia. In the news, Nintendo celebrates 5 years of the Switch, Netflix gets into gaming for real and Super Smash Bros. gets pulled from EVO 2022.

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Episode 278 – The Dead Space Revival?

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Episode 278

EA makes the news this week with rumors of a Dead Space revival and they try and revamp their loot box mechanics in FIFA 21 FUT mode. Have they learned their lessons and made things fair and transparent? Listen to find out all the dizzying details. Also in the news, Katsuhiro Harada says Tekken X Street Fighter isn’t cancelled, Konami reveals a new game and Dan and Dave go over their game of the half year.

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Episode 268 – Next Gen is Finally Here

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Episode 268

At the top of the show, Dan’s got some retro shopping pro tips and Dave discusses the Falcon and the Winter Soldier. In the news, the PS5 State of Play for April drops and Ratchet and Clank looks sufficiently next gen, a golden Wii created for Queen Elizabeth II is being sold and Konami Won’t Be Attending E3 2021. All that and more on episode 268 of Rated G for Gamers.

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Episode 172 – If You Replace All The Parts of a Mega Man Cart is it Still the Same Cart?

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It’s the first episode since E3 has ended so it’s time for Dan and Dave to look back at all the conferences, all the announcements and give our thoughts on what they loved and what they hated. Also, the votes are in and we have a prediction winner. It was a close one just like every year but only one can take home the championship belt. Listen in to see who takes it. In the news, we get pricing and specs on the Atari VCS, Konami throws it’s hat in the ring of the mini console game and Nintendo explains why they chose to delay the new Animal Crossing. All that and Dan and Dave wax philosophical on game cart preservation.

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Episode 156 – Welcome to the Stadia

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Episode 156

Big week. Bigger news. And Dan and Dave got it all. Nintendo Nindies. Konami’s 50th Aniiversary collections, the Sony State of Play and of course all news from Google’s new streaming service, Stadia. Well except the price, the real world performance, the required download speeds, launch date, etc. Otherwise though, we got all the news! So join us in episode 156 for our pickups, our weekend movie watches and Dan is a bit of a prophet. The recording of this episode happened before the State of Play from Sony.

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Episode 153 – The Switch Tax

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Episode 153 -The Switch Tax

Dan’s got some issues with the upcoming Resident Evil Origins collection for the Nintendo Switch. The Switch Tax is real folks and the duo discusses. In the news, Nintendo announces Pok√©mon Sword and Shield for the Switch, Gearbox Studios was almost pegged to develop Halo 4, Overkill’s The Walking Dead gets cancelled for consoles and Cyberpunk 2077 gets confirmed for E3 this year. All this and Dave’s scary tales from the dentist on episode 153 of Rated G for Gamers.

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Episode 126 – The Triumphant Return of D. Robinson

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We’re back from a short hiatus, reinvigorated and refreshed. The duo’s been playing alot of games to pass the time. Dave finally has beaten God of War and Dan’s catches up on his superhero movies. In the news, we’ve got this episode jam packed with takes. Splatoon 2 has a big hacker problem, Warframe, the free to play shooter, slated to come to the Switch, Darksiders 3 gets leaked, the Division 2 breaks beta sign up records previously held by the original Division and a PT fan who created a PC port gets a cease and desist order and an internship at Konami. All this and Dan takes some crazy pills and touts the merits of Godzilla ’97 on episode 126 of Rated G for Gamers.

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