Episode 286 – Gamescom Wrap-up

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Episode 286

Gamescom and come and gone and Dan and Dave have your wrap-up right here. Also it’s the end of the month so we got your September game releases at the top of the show, Dave gets a PS5 and Dan has a gamer grief with Microsoft on episode 286 of Rated G for Gamers.

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Episode 222 – Playstation Finally Joins the Party!

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Episode 222

Sony finally unveils the PS5… with two models no less! Disc and discless. Dan and Dave take a deep dive on the whole presentation. Also in the news, Sega debuts some very very very small Sega Game Gear portables for their 60th anniversary, Fog Gaming ™ comes to arcades and Riot Games executive gets into some hot water over a critical statement made of the BLM movement.

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