Episode 328 – Everything from Gamescom 2022

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After a summer break for a few weeks, Dan and Dave are back at it with all your gaming news. At the top of the show, they celebrate 7 years of Rated G. In the news, they break down all the stuff from Gamescom 2022 all on episode 328.

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Episode 286 – Gamescom Wrap-up

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Episode 286

Gamescom and come and gone and Dan and Dave have your wrap-up right here. Also it’s the end of the month so we got your September game releases at the top of the show, Dave gets a PS5 and Dan has a gamer grief with Microsoft on episode 286 of Rated G for Gamers.

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Episode 213 – The Big Question for E3 2020 with Special Guest Steven Li

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Episode 213

On this episode of Rated G, returning guest Steven Li joins us to talk PAX East, Animal Crossing and what he’s been playing during the quarantine. In the news, more doom on the horizon for E3 2020, the ESA looking to the future for E3 2021 and Randy Pitchford plays fast and loose with employee’s bonuses. All that and more on Episode 213 of Rated G for Gamers.

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Episode 180 – The PS5 Cometh

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We got details on Sony’s latest console, speculated name PS5, in way of a launch event! Coming next February is an event that will most like unveil the PS5 and details on the launch date, features and some killer hype train trailers. Microsoft patents a controller that strangely resembles joycons, Nintendo DMCAs a ton of music on YouTube and Bubble Bobble comes to the Switch with 4-player action. All that and Dave has a travel tale that thankfully ends him back home safe and sound.

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Episode 84 – The Colonel Goes VR

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We had a glorious weekend folks. Dave connected with the outdoors on a camping trip, Danny got a free haul of games from a co-worker and McGregor got beat by Mayweather if you’re into that boxing stuff. Gamescom happened this week. Microsoft announced that One X preorders are live and they quickly sold out, cross network play between Xbox and Playstation may be coming, Just Cause devs announce a new action RPG game and KFC gets in on the whole VR thing and it’s amazing. Uncharted – Lost Legacy is our review round-up and our convo of the week is are games channels dying on Youtube. So enjoy episode 84 of Rated G for Gamers.

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