Episode 129 – Plagirism in the Age of Social Media

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In our lead story, we talked about it last week, Philip Mucin, now former employee of IGN has been pinned with even more plagiarism. We go deep into the story as more news unfolds. Also in the news, Negan from the Walking Dead joins Tekken 7, Nintendo drops more Smash Bros news in their latest direct, Betheseda shows off Doom Eternal footage and more. And at the top of the show, we talk Red Dead 2 and the most overpriced special edition we’ve come across yet.

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Episode 95 – Talking Turkey and 4K TVs

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We got a special episode to celebrate the Thanksgiving break. No news this week, no convo of the week. Just us, talking turkey, Black Friday, tv mounting, and handling the family during the holidays. So grab a turkey leg and some stuffing and enjoy episode 95 of Rated G for Gamers.

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