Episode 345 – Not So GoldenEye

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Episode 345

GoldenEye on modern consoles is finally here but is it the port we’ve been waiting for? Dan and Dave discuss the good, the bad and the differences between them. In the news, Knockout City, the live service dodgeball game is closing down only after a year of being up, all three major console manufacturers bow out of E3 and in Dubai, a giant PS5 is installed as a promotional stunt. All that and plans for the new DCU on episode 345 of Rated G for Gamers.

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Episode 146 – Soulja Boy Got Told

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The Soulja Game console by Soulja Boy is no more. The rap star most famous for his hit Superman, got some choice words from Nintendo and has ceased selling his branded consoles. Rated G discusses this inevitable outcome. Also in the news, wrestling commentator and all around good guy Mean Jean Okerlund passes on to great squared circle in the sky, Nintendo officially comments on the Bowsette meme making the rounds on the internet and Jack Black starts his own channel for gaming and already has 2 million subscribers. All this and more on episode 146 of Rated G for Gamers.

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