Episode 232 – DC Comes Out Swinging

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Episode 232

DC Comics’ FanDome has come and gone and boy did we get some news. A new Batman trailer shows off Pattinson’s acting chops, Ben Affleck confirmed to return as the Batman in the Flash movie and we get two new games with the Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League and Gotham Knights. Call of Duty’s next game is set during the cold war and Nintendo has a killer Indie Showcase and Dave rants about bad UI/UX in gaming on episode 232 of Rated G for Gamers.

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Episode 90 – You Can Grind or Not Grind

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Hints drop via a tweet that a patent related to Gameboy has been filed. Of course we speculate on what games would potentially be on it in our convo of the week. In the news, the 3rd Nintendo World Championships just happened, Respwan Entertainment announced a new VR game that’s not Titanfall or Star Wars related, Mario Odyssey gets it’s first scrore and it’s a perfect 10 and news drops that Yoshi was originally intended to be a horse. All that and more on Episode 90 of Rated G.

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Episode 60 – Hands On With The Switch

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We want to apologize upfront for the audio quality, we’re recording remotely and are still renovating the new studio. In this episode. a new Injustice 2 trailer released, Titanfall Frontline for mobile cancelled, Xbox exclusive Scalebound canceled by Microsoft, and Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment comes to the Switch. Also in our convo of the week, we got some hands on time with the Nintendo Switch! Our thoughts and impressions as well as what we think Nintendo needs to do to win back fans and gain market share.

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