Episode 352 – PAX East 2023 Post Show

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Episode 352

PAX East 2023 has come to a close and Dan and Dave are exhausted in a good way. This episode highlights some of the best of the show. They cover 30XX, Nocturnal, Elsie, Strayed Lights, Wrestlequest and more. Also in the news, The Last Ronin comic is being adapted into a videogame, Valve announces Counter-Strike 2 and Atari buys Nightdive Studios all on episode 352.

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We’re back!

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We’re back from PAX! It was a wild 4 day extravaganza of gaming and boy did we have a good time. We played a lot of demos and upcoming games, attended lots of panels and talked to a ton of game developers. We are incredibly beat from the weekend but are working on a megashow to bring you our coverage of PAX East. Stay tuned next Tuesday for a brand new show. For now enjoy this slideshow from the convention. Continue reading “We’re back!”

PAX 2017 Update

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Just a little update post. We made it back alive from PAX 2017! Demoed some great games, talked to some amazing devs and met up with a bunch of good friends along the way. Stay tuned as your regularly scheduled episode will be coming shortly.