Episode 167 – Modern Duty: Call of Warfare II – Duty Calls

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It’s Memorial Day weekend and Dan and Dave talk their weekend fun, Sonic and Terminator movie news and their weekly pickups. In the news, PS5 performance footage leaks, we get some Mario Kart Tour news and Activision gets confusing with the latest entry into the Call of Duty franchise. All this and more on episode 167 of Rated G for Gamers.

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Episode 166 – An Unlikely Alliance

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Episode 166

We learn this week that Microsoft and Sony are joining forces. Not to build a super massive game console but the tools for an online streaming infrastructure based on Microsoft’s cloud technology. Rated G gets into what all this means. Also in the news, Nintendo drops a massive direct on Mario Maker 2, we get more games confirmed for the Genesis Mini and ex-Naughty Dog devs are working on the next Call of Duty games. All that and Dan gets into some exciting wrestling news on episode 166 Rated G for Gamers.

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Episode 143 – And the Award for Game of the Year Goes to…

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On this special episode of Rated G… both the Game Awards and the Kinda Funny Games Showcase happened last week. Rated G breaks down the highs and the lows, the winners and losers and all the game announcements. Hint: Get super hype for MK11!

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Episode 140 – Sony’s Doing It’s Own Thing

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Sony’s been causing quite a stir this past week. They drop out of their own Playstation Experience and now E3 2019. Rated G speculates on what this all means. Square-Enix revealed to be working on a new AAA title, Nintendo confirms that the N64 Classic isn’t coming any time soon and the PC Classic Kickstarter is live all in the news. Dan’s got a big pickup haul and Dave waxes poetic on Tetris Effect and the glorious PSVR gaming library. All this and more on episode 140 of Rated G for Gamers.

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Episode 114 – My Boy! This May Be Game of the Year!

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We waste no time and get right into what we’ve been playing… and a roar comes from the mics. The new God of War we are both loving. Definitely a game of the year contender. We cull the review scores and give our opinions on the game thus far. In the news, Sega Ages is coming the Switch, classic games form their back catalog, Call of Duty eschews single player, Battlefield embraces it, and SNK teases new Neo Geo hardware. All that and more on episode 114 of Rated G for Gamers.

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Episode 71 – The SNES Classic?

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On this weeks episode we revisit an old topic we’ve covered in light of the new rumors. It’s been reported that a SNES Classic may be coming out this holiday season so we’ve revised our lists of the games we’d like to see/would be possible for the SNES Classic. Also, in the news, next Call of Duty is confirmed for a WWII setting, we look back at the hottest games from 20 years ago, 1997, Rocket League hits 30 million subscribers and more.

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