Episode 167 – Modern Duty: Call of Warfare II – Duty Calls

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It’s Memorial Day weekend and Dan and Dave talk their weekend fun, Sonic and Terminator movie news and their weekly pickups. In the news, PS5 performance footage leaks, we get some Mario Kart Tour news and Activision gets confusing with the latest entry into the Call of Duty franchise. All this and more on episode 167 of Rated G for Gamers.

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Episode 150 – Ya Gotta Call It the Light Switch!

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Nintendo rumors abound over the new Mini Switch and a new Nintendo online service for more hardcore gamers. Dr. Mario World announced for their mobile lineup, EA gets blocked by the Belgium government over lootboxes and Sony shifts focus of first party development to the PS5. Dan and Dave have an incredible pickup week, Dave beats Red Dead 2 and they both the have a chuckle over Bethesda’s disastrous Fallout 76 leather jacket for sale.

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Episode 115 – Breakups, Night Trap on the Switch and Loot Box Bans

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Rated G kicks off the show on a somber note. Dave and Dan talk breakups and how friends and video games can get you through. The duo run through the weekly pickups and their thoughts on the new Venom trailer. In the news, Night Trap is finally coming to the Switch, an Ohio college is giving out Fortnite scholarships and Valve acquires Firewatch developer Campo Santo. And in our convo of the week, Quantic Dream, developer of Heavy Rain and the upcoming Detroit – Become Human, sue over claims of inappropriate workplace conduct from a french journalism outlet earlier in the year. We discuss the odd, NSFW details.

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