Episode 241 – Lakers vs Heat Brought to You by Facebook Oculus

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Episode 240

We got a jam packed show this week! Bethesda gets sued for $100 million of alleged sabotage of Rune 2, 2K Games adds unskippable ads into NBA 2K21, analyst Michael Pachter says Nintendo should scrap the hybrid Switch console and a Google Stadia director for saying streamers should pay devs for playing their games on stream. All that and more on episode 241 of Rated G. And if you live in America, early voting has opened in some states. Get out there an exercise your right to vote.

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Episode 196 – Where is the N64 Mini?

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Episode 196

On this episode of Rated G, the state of Xbox Scarlett generates conflicting reports and theories, reports of two next gen Xboxes one with a disc drive and one without, Resident Evil 3 leaked by Sony,  and the Atari VCS delayed again for Indiegogo backers. All this and why Dan things the N64 mini is not in the future for Nintendo.

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Episode 131 – High Flying, Web Slinging Fun

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On this episode, Dan and Dave talk PS4 Spiderman, floor chicken and why Amazon has cancelled their 20% off pre-orders for games. In the news, Nintendo postpones it’s latest direct out of respect for the Hokkaido earthquake, IOC president Thomas Bach says eSports wont be in the olympics anytime soon and the Polymega system is your one stop shop for playing retro games. So join us on the episode 31 of Rated G for Gamers. It’s gonna be a good one.

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