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All In! Games, a new comer to the gaming scene, surprised PAX East with Ghostrunner. Announced shortly before the convention, the developer set up shop in a large imposing booth. Their booth adorned in chain link fence and sporting a cyberpunk aesthetic, fans were lining up all convention to get a crack at their new FPS.

In Ghostrunner, you are a cyborg assassin who can run, slide, wall jump and slow down time as you dodge enemy fire as one hit can kill you. Armed with your ninja blade, you need to make your way through massive tower on the way to reveal the mystery of a ruined civilization.

As you progress further other arsenal becomes available. In my play through, a grappling hook became available which opened up new approach and traversal opportunities. The development team says other weapons and items will become available like throwing stars for distance attacks.

Gameplay felt strong and polished. It did take a little to get used to the slow down/dash mechanic but after a bit I felt in control. Paths are fairly clear and obvious, knowing when to wall jump, dash or slide felt like second nature and slicing enemies felt satisfying.

Ghostrunner is shaping up to be a strong single player experience. With amazing visuals draped in a dystopian cyberpunk future and a soundtrack to match, this game certainly impresses. Ghostrunner will be available PC, Xbox One and PS4 later this year. Checkout the official gameplay trailer below.

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