Podcast Episode 4 – What if I told you… Project Morpheus is now Playstation VR?
Dave and Classic are back again. On today’s show, Project Morpheus gets a new name, Sony announces new PS4 controller colors and snap on faceplates for Japan, Rainbow Six’s DLC maps are all going to be free, Halo 5 multiplayer card packs, and more. Also Dave gets a New 3DS XL and Classic picks up […]
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Podcast Episode 3
On this weeks episode, Dave and Classic talk about Pokemon GO!, the gotta catch ’em all mobile app, Fallout 4 DLC and mods coming to consoles, Classic’s distaste for the Street Fighter movie and game (based on the move based on the game), a newly released SF V character, Playstation’s 20th anniversary and more.
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Podcast Episode 2
On this weeks episode, Dave and Classic talk about the Kimmel controversy, the new new new 3DS, Uncharted 4 gets release date, a man challenges himself to all 57 released Amiibos, and more.
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Podcast Episode 1
Dave and Classic are Rated G for Gamers. A podcast filled with news, rumors, in-depth discussions, and all around interesting banter about video games. Xbox, Playstation, WiiU, PC, et al. In our inagural episode, we talk about ourselves a bit, PAX Prime, announced 3rd party amiibos, new and upcoming indie games and more.
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