Episode 205 – Warcraft 3 Re:Reforged

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Episode 205

Activision/Blizzard is in hot water again for the botched launch for Warcraft 3 Reforged, Phil Spencer says Sony and Nintendo aren’t competitors, Dan Houser leaves Rockstar Games and the Wonderful 101 remaster raises over $1 million dollars on kickstarter. So join us on episode 205 or Rated G for Gamers.

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Episode 79 – 2017 Game of the Half-Year Nominations

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Half of 2017 has past so you know what that means… our game of the half-year nominations. Also on this episode, Platinum teases Bayonetta and Wonderful 101 on the Switch via Twitter, Nintendo announces a year worth of DLC for Splatoon 2, first DLC character for ARMS releases next week for free, Sega may be making more 2D Sonic games if fan reaction to Sonic Mania is big enough and much more. So join us for Episode 79 of Rated G for Gamers and thanks for being such good fans.

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