Saturday Morning Retro Episode 4 – Lemmings (PC), Kirby Tilt ‘N Tumble (GBC), Watchdogs (WiiU), Ogre Battle (SNES)

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Saturday Morning Retro Episode 1

We’ve got another good episode of the Saturday Morning Retro Podcast. We have Lemmings and Kirby’s Tilt ‘N Tumble on the Remake, Remaster, Recycle block. Dan deep dives into playthrough of Watchdogs for the Wii U and Dave plays one of his top 10 games of all time Ogre Battle for the SNES.

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Episode 62 – It’s The Circle Of Life, Gamestop Style

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Gamestop is at it again and in the headlines for their Circle of Life program. We get into the scandal that Kotaku broke from an anonymous employee in our conversation of the week. Also, we cover news on the NES Classic, the end of production for the Wii U, Deus Ex series goes on hiatus, and a big lawsuit brought on Oculus from Bethesda. So enjoy Episode 62 and bit of┬áhousekeeping, we’ll be at PAX East again this year. Come say hi if you see us.

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