Episode 198 – The Top 10 List – Our Greatest Games of All Time

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It’s Christmas Eve folks and we here at Rated G decided to do something a little different. Dan and Dave are gonna break down their personal top 10 games of all time. Console, handheld, mobile… it’s all up for grabs. So join us as they run through their picks to the number one spot and as always… happy holidays to everyone who is celebrating this season.

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Episode 53 – Welcome To Canada, Eh?

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Despite the fact that we mention it at the top of the show, it is not in-fact episode 52. It’s episode 53! Hey we all make mistakes sometimes. We got PS4 Pro troubles, NES Mini shortages, Genesis news out of Brazil and more! Our conversation of the week is what 10 games would we like to see if Nintendo made a SNES Mini. So checkout episode 52 53 of Rated G for Gamers.

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Episode 7 – Special – Top 10 must plays of last gen, top 5 of this gen

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Today’s a special episode. Classic got asked by a friend of his who just got back into gaming what are some really amazing games that he missed during his gaming hiatus. We run down 10 games each from last generation, 360 and PS3 and 5 games each from this generation, XBOne and PS4. Let us know what you think. How would you rate our list? Got something good we missed? Hit us up on the social media and email. We want to hear from you.

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