Episode 237 – The Games Journalism and Media Industry with Special Guest Lily Zaldivar

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Episode 237

On this week’s episode, we have on special guest Lily Zaldivar to talk about her time with Viz Media, IGN, and Nintendo Voice Chat. In the news, Microsoft buys Bethesda, the Tokyo Games Show kicks off and Amazon unveils it’s new gaming service. All that and more on episode 237 of Rated G.

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Episode 87 – How Well Do We Know Each Other Through Video Games

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Oh we got a good one today. We got some personal stories involving Amazon Echo, Broken Age, and Gamestop. The Tokyo Game Show invades our news, Nintendo pays a beautiful tribute to former president who passed Satoru Iwata, and gaming website The Sixth Axis get in some hot water over their NBA 2K18 review. In our convo of the week, we try to guess each others favorite gaming franchise and our favorite game of all time and wax a little poetic on why we love them.

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