Episode 156 – Welcome to the Stadia

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Episode 156

Big week. Bigger news. And Dan and Dave got it all. Nintendo Nindies. Konami’s 50th Aniiversary collections, the Sony State of Play and of course all news from Google’s new streaming service, Stadia. Well except the price, the real world performance, the required download speeds, launch date, etc. Otherwise though, we got all the news! So join us in episode 156 for our pickups, our weekend movie watches and Dan is a bit of a prophet. The recording of this episode happened before the State of Play from Sony.

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Episode 56 – Ten Years In The Making

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It’s finally here, Final Fantasy XV! We do our Review Round Up on it, we discuss in our Convo of the Week, and spoilers… Danny actually likes it! Also, the Sony Experience and VGAs 2016s happened last week. We get into the best bits from each. And surprise, surprise… Dave picked the Game of the Year winner at the VGAs.

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