Episode 119 – Did Someone Say an N64 Mini?

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Hot off the rumor that an N64 mini is in the works, they run down our favorite games they’d want to see in our convo of the week. At the top of the show, they run through the new releases coming out in June, game pickups and Deadpool 2. In the news, Resident Evil 7 comes to the Switch… sort of, Smash 5 roster rumors fly and Ollie North, the new NRA president gets a little hypocritical when criticizing video games for the current spike in gun related violence. So check out Episode 119 of Rated G for Gamers.

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Episode 111 – The Modern Day R.O.B. the Robot

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Black Panther, Avengers, Power Rangers and Toys R’ Us. We got it all on this episode of Rated G. End of the month is here so you know what that means… we highlight the new releases for April. In the news, Nintendo has their annual Nindies, we get some a little more info on the Atari Box, now Atari VCS, but no games announcement, Modern Ware 2 slated for a remake but no multiplayer and Phil Spencer wouldn’t mind seeing Banjo in Smash 5. And finally in our convo of the week, we get it our Smash character wish list. So check out episode 111 of Rated G for Gamers.

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