Episode 125 – The Switch is Cracking Under Pressure

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On this week’s episode, Dan and Dave talk about their exciting weekend filled with pickups and baseball games. In the news, the Castlevania Netflix show gets a release date for season 2, aome Nintendo Switch cases are now cracking, Microsoft attempting to crack the Japanese market again with their next console, and France rules that loot boxes are not gambling. All this and more on episode 125 of Rated G for Gamers.

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Episode 124 – Dan Doesn’t Do the Outdoors

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On this week’s episode of Rated G, we reveal Dan’s dislike of the outdoors, we talk Dave’s camping weekend and David Hayter coming back to his role of Solid Snake. In the news, we get more news about Google’s home console, the Halo TV show and Nintendo gets a new president. So get your headphones and settle down for the Rated G pre 4th of July episode.

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