Saturday Morning Retro Episode 3 – Twisted Metal (PS1), Tetris Battle Gaiden (Super Famicom), Little Big Planet (PS3), Enslaved – Odyssey to the West (X360)

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We’re back with your monthly Saturday Morning Retro show. This month Dan and Dave discuss Twisted Metal for the PS1, Tetris Battle Gaiden for the Super Famicom, Little Big Planet for the PS3 and Enslaved – Odyssey to the West for the Xbox 360. Also this month in history, arguably the most influential console of all time got release in 1983 and Dan and Dave realize another famous console got released in the same year, same month and even the same day! So check out episode 3 of the Saturday Morning Retro Podcast.

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Episode 108 – Nintendo Switch Turns One Year Old

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We got a jam packed episode this week. We go over what we know about Nintendo’s online service and speculate on the unknown, Metal Gear Survive gets egregious with We kickoff our show with Dan’s issues with eBay sellers, Nintendo drops a Japan exclusive Breath of the Wild soundtrack, and Chrono Trigger’s bad PC port. In the news, the ESRB unveils it’s proposal to add warnings to games that have in-game purchases, Sega paid a visit to Microsoft and everyone is speculating on what it means, PlayStation Plus to get rid of free PS3 and Vita games and a long lost Donkey Kong port resurfaces. In our convo of the week, the Switch turns one year old, we discuss all the wins and losses. All that and more on episode 108 of Rated G for Gamers.

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Episode 7 – Special – Top 10 must plays of last gen, top 5 of this gen

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Today’s a special episode. Classic got asked by a friend of his who just got back into gaming what are some really amazing games that he missed during his gaming hiatus. We run down 10 games each from last generation, 360 and PS3 and 5 games each from this generation, XBOne and PS4. Let us know what you think. How would you rate our list? Got something good we missed? Hit us up on the social media and email. We want to hear from you.

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