Episode 208 – PAX East 2020 Recap with Special Guest Matthew Adler

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This is it folks! The PAX East 2020 recap episode. We break down our favorites with special guest Matthew Adler. It’s Matt’s first show and he discusses his overall experience. We get into all that, our top picks of the show and why we all need an extra two days in Boston.

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Day 4 of PAX has come to a close

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PAX East 2019

Pax East 2019 has come to a close folks. Me and Dan are beat. We’ve played a ton of awesome games and hung out with friends post show floor to discuss the days events. There sure is a lot to see and for a newbie to PAX it can be daunting. Thankfully though, we mapped out everything we wanted to see games and panels included and I think this may be the first year that we didn’t miss one thing we wanted to see. Thanks to the hardworking enforcers, thanks to the tireless devs demoing their games day in and out and thanks to Mike and Jerry most of all for putting on another most excellent convention. See you in 2020.

Episode 156 – Welcome to the Stadia

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Episode 156

Big week. Bigger news. And Dan and Dave got it all. Nintendo Nindies. Konami’s 50th Aniiversary collections, the Sony State of Play and of course all news from Google’s new streaming service, Stadia. Well except the price, the real world performance, the required download speeds, launch date, etc. Otherwise though, we got all the news! So join us in episode 156 for our pickups, our weekend movie watches and Dan is a bit of a prophet. The recording of this episode happened before the State of Play from Sony.

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Episode 112 – The IGN Top 100

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This will be our last episode before we ship off to PAX East. We news this week about Guacamelee, Red Faction: Guerilla, PSVR and No Man’s Sky. And we got juicy convo of the week: the IGN Top 100 games, So you know we’re gonna dive into their selections. Jump into episode 112 of Rated G for Gamers to listen to all this goodness and an amazing pickup story from Dave.

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