Episode 258 – Glad We Waited… Hades is Getting a Physical Edition!

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Episode 258

Nintendo drops their first big Direct of the year and there’s some good stuff in there. Dan and Dave break it all down for you. Bloodstained – Curse of the Moon 2 gets a physical edition and Reggie has some thoughts on this years E3 on episode 258 of Rated G for Gamers.

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Episode 242 – The Future is Streaming

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Episode 242

It’s election day in America and you probably need a distraction from the election results. Well we got a good episode of Rated G for you to keep you busy. Nintendo drops a mini Direct, goes hard into streaming and shows some No More Heroes 3 footage. Also in the news Ubisoft Responds to Watch Dogs Legion Xbox overheating and Microsoft leans into the meme and sends influencers Xbox branded fridges. All that and more on episode 242 of Rated G for Games.

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Episode 197 – The Xbox Series X and the Game Awards with Special Guest Matthew Adler

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Episode 197

The end of the year is almost here we’re still getting some juicy news. Both Sony and Nintendo dropped their own directs with a bunch of new announcements. In the second half of the show returning guest Matthew Adler joins the show to discuss the Game Awards, the winners and losers, the trailers and surprises. Also, we get into a discussion about remakes and if they deserve nominations for year end awards. All that and more on episode 197 Rated G for Gamers.

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