Episode 360 – Welcome to the Seventy Dollar Price Tag

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Episode 360

Controversy over the new Mortal Kombat reboot price for the Switch ignites the internet as the inevitable seventy dollar price tag is coming. Dan and Dave discuss. Also in the news, PlayStation announces their 2023 showcase and they also throw their hat in the hardware accessibility ring, PS exclusive Stray is coming to Xbox and we say goodbye to Brendan O’Brien, the voice of Crash Bandicoot on episode 360.

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Episode 355 – Ganondorf the Thicc

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Episode 355

The final Tears of the Kingdom trailer and an in depth Final Fantasy XVI State of Play both dropped this week. Dave has dubbed this time of 2023 as Christmas 3 because of how good these presentations look. They break down all the juicy details. Also, Redfall will only have 30fps quality mode on launch, Suicide Squad delayed again and a rare Sonic Adventure competition disc resurfaces all on episode 355.

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Episode 312 – Finally a Win for Consumers

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A big win for consumers this week as PS Plus and Nintendo Switch Online are making subscription changes that will prevent auto renewing and zombie accounts. Also in the news, Lego and Sony pump 2 million in investments into Epic Games, Hideo Kojima says Kojima Productions will remain independent and Square-Enix officially announces Kingdom Hearts IV. All that and more on episode 312 of Rated G.

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Episode 297 – How to Be Safe when Dealing with Strangers

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Episode 297

In sad news this week, a PS5 in person sale goes awry as a would-be criminal pulls a gun and tried to steal a console from a seller. Thankfully, no one was fatally injured. Dan and Dave discuss the story and ways that you can be safe when dealing with strangers online. Also in the news, It Takes Two hit by trademark claim by Take-Two Interactive, PlayStation reportedly planning Xbox Gamepass competitor and Sony gets into the restaurant biz with their PlayStation to Plate food offerings. All that and Dave takes one step closer to Skynet on episode 297.

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