Episode 287 – The Games Grading Scandal

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Episode 287

Accusations of foul play surface around record-breaking graded game auctions between Wata Games and Heritage Auction House. YouTuber, Karl Jobst broke the alleged scandal recently and even more news has come to light. Dan and Dave break all the details down and what this means for game collectors everywhere. Also in the news, Sony has a PlayStation showcase coming up, THQ Nordic announces 10th anniversary showcase and you can get a free teeth cleaning if you beat this Dentist at Smash Bros.

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Episode 196 – Where is the N64 Mini?

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Episode 196

On this episode of Rated G, the state of Xbox Scarlett generates conflicting reports and theories, reports of two next gen Xboxes one with a disc drive and one without, Resident Evil 3 leaked by Sony,  and the Atari VCS delayed again for Indiegogo backers. All this and why Dan things the N64 mini is not in the future for Nintendo.

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